Highly engaged teams show 59% lower turnover.



Highly engaged teams show 21% higher profitability.


6 in 10

Nearly 6 in 10 employees are quiet quitting due to disengagement.



Worldwide, 44% of employees said they experienced significant stress at work.

Employee Insights, Redefined

We started with a simple goal: employee happiness. The result is one of the most intelligent employee surveys available.

The first employee happiness platform™ Ding! You’ve got some happy employees.

Or perhaps you don’t. In either case, we can tell you exactly what to do. Strengthen what’s good, correct what’s bad, and improve every possible metric of employee success.

Research-Backed Surveys

10 years of real-world research and 25,000 data points.

Detailed Survey Results

You’ll know things about your employees that they don’t know about themselves.

Magic Insights

Intelligent simplification gives you the big picture with extraordinary detail.

Employee Comments

Total freedom of expression allows superior feedback from employees.

Custom Action Plans

We’ve done the heavy lifting with custom action plans for YOUR amazing workplace.

Employee Happiness Platform

Managing employee happiness & engagement has never been easier.

What can your organization improve with Employee Happiness Surveys? 

Employee retention

Certainly, people want to stay where they feel happy and productive.

Recruiting top talent

The most qualified candidates won't settle for anything less than amazing.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is perhaps the primary driver of a healthy company.

Company culture

Company culture is much more than pizza parties and federal holidays.

HR incidents

While they're good for gossip, HR incidents don't exactly help productivity.

HR lawsuits

Every workplace is different, but some lines cannot be crossed anywhere.

Let's break it down The Process


Our Employee Happiness Survey™ is so much more than just a survey. Smart, friendly, and accessible from nearly any device, it puts the power of precise knowledge in your hands. By identifying the root causes of what makes your workplace amazing, it is a clear starting point from which to improve or transform your company.

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Understand & Identify

Once the feedback is gathered, the Amazing Workplace Platform produces Magic Insights. These insights are not a simple repetition of what your employees already stated. Instead, they intelligently interpret employee response into specific and actionable trends–all based on 145 separate data points. Ultimately, this information is not available from any other employee engagement survey.

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All the valuable information in the world is meaningless without action. That’s why Amazing Workplace takes this one critical step further. Our platform delivers Exact Actions that will save you hours of strategizing. Exact Actions do not wedge you into some kind of mold. Instead, they are personalized for YOUR brand of amazing.

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Certified confidential Our surveys are 100% anonymous and encrypted. Like, we can’t even break into our own system.

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The Employee Happiness Survey™ Leads to Exact Actions

Becoming–or staying–an amazing workplace requires continued action. And that’s where our platform excels. At the conclusion of every survey, our platform generates Exact Actions based entirely around your company. So whether your employees are happy, frustrated, indifferent, or a mix of everything, you can address it all with perfect control.

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A complex subject, made easy

Your workforce is a complicated mix of different individuals–but you don’t have to overthink it. Our platform simplifies survey feedback into actionable results across all departments, giving you a clear path toward becoming an Amazing Workplace.

Human developed, technology assisted

Developed by a combination of HR professionals, business owners, and corporate leaders, the Amazing Workplace platform was built with a foundation of pure experience. And when it comes to the assessment of your results, our technology is second to none.

Tailored to you

An automotive plant is a little different from a marketing agency. Whatever your company culture, we are here to make it the best version of itself–whether it’s playful, buttoned up, blue collar, or luxury.

The ultimate executive tool

Intelligent actions come from intelligent information. Executives using the Amazing Workplace platform gain both, allowing swift and decisive adjustments that benefit the employees as well as the health of the company.

Prioritize employee happiness & organizational culture.

See How It Works

"We've used the recommendations that Amazing Workplace gave. The results are exactly what we wanted. Our customer service has improved so much that we are now getting client emails thanking us for amazing customer service. Amazing Workplace really delivers!"

"It is so easy to see the changes our employees want most. The Amazing Workplace Report gave us exact steps with email templates, communication guides, and more. I could not recommend Amazing Workplace enough!"

"We've done surveys for years and I was not fully sold on Amazing Workplace. Once I saw the online platform results - wow, just wow. There is nothing like the depth, easy of use, and exact actions. Very impressive."

Every workplace is different. Our platform gives you the power to be amazing in your own way.

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